One of my clients once sent me an email with an advertisement from someone who advertised a Social Media Marketing package for R250/pm. The first thing I noticed about this advertisement, is that it came from a Google email address with no contact number or physical address anywhere on the body of the email. He started off his email with something like: “Why are your prices so expensive? Look at what this guy can give me.” My response was simply: “If you want to buy cheap, you will get cheap. However, if you want to go for it, your welcome. I would not recommend it, but it is your decision.” An old saying which I have come to like is:  “if you buy cheap, you buy expensive.” How can you buy cheap, but you are still buying expensive? Quite simple actually, but I will use an illustration to make it more clear. You have decided to build a website for your business because you have read somewhere that a business website increases your exposure to new customers. You have also read that your website should be optimized for search engines for that will increase your ranking with search engines. You have also read that an aesthetically beautiful website will lead to more consumer trust, while a website which is not mobile friendly will cost you 61% of potential customers to your competitors.

Since you do not know anything about designing a website, you jump on to Google and business listing websites in search of a website designer who will build your dream website for you. There are many listings of website design companies and their prices vary considerably. Some are much too expensive and others are really dirt cheap. Since you want to save some money or cannot really afford to pay a huge amount, you decide on a company who offers a website build for almost next to nothing. You contact them and after a bit of discussion and few meetings, your website is in the process of being build. You have both agreed on a deadline and the web design company has promised it will be finished on time. A few scenarios can now occur which will lead you to go to another web designer who will charge you much more, but who will deliver as promised and as you have requested. Your cheap web designer might not finish the project in the time agreed, or he might finish it, but not according to your specifications. It might also be that he is a fly-by-night and cannot really produce the quality of work expected from a web developing company. Since you also read that 90% of internet users will not trust a company whose website has a horrific ugly interface, you realize you will have to go to another more reputable web designer. Now you are buying expensive, for you have spent all that money on the first web designer, and now you will have to spend double the amount on a reputable web developer to sort out the mess or build you a completely new website. The financial loss now applies not only to payments for the new web designer but to potential customer loss as well as the time your website is not active on the internet.

Do not go for a cheapskate web developer or digital marketer. Rather spend that extra buck or two and get the job done by a reputable web developer or digital marketer. Another thing to consider is the momentum of your website building project. Your web developer should be in contact with you on a regular basis, whether it be daily or weekly. If there are no set meetings, the web developer might push your project to the side and forget about it. A regular meeting will be like a reminder to the web developer about your project. From the onset of the project agree upon a set time and day of the week; it does not necessarily have to be in person. Businesses or web developers who charge a really low fee for their services need to have a bigger client base in order to make it financially profitable for them to survive. This places a bigger workload on the developer or business to complete their clients’ projects, which might cause your website to be shelved or not even completed.

When it comes to the content of the website, the number one rule is: “content is king.” I am not referring to poor quality content, but exceptional content. Exceptional content is content which draws people to your website. It is the magnet which causes internet users to share your website and services, products or blogs. If you as a client do not timeously provide the web developer the required content material he needs, your project will lose momentum. On the other hand, if your web developer does not prioritize his projects and shelves your website because he does not consider it as important as the next customer, you will be left in the lurch.

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