20 Tips On How To Stay Safe During The Holiday

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When on holiday, spending time with family and friends should be the foremost thing on most people’s minds. However, this can all turn rancid in a matter of seconds, especially if you meet people who are out to steal from you and/or do you harm. These criminals are all around us and identifying them can be difficult, particularly if they can blend into the crowds. With that being said, here are some personal safety tips for you while on holiday:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings and keep your personal space.
  2. If someone is accosting you, make direct eye contact with them. This lets them know you are not only aware but, can certainly identify them if needed. Eye contact asserts that you are not the victim.
  3. Avoid being sidetracked by your digital devices. Talking on your cell and listening to music on your headphones makes you an easier target.
  4. Walk on well-lit streets at all times of the day and don’t take shortcuts through alleys or hidden trails.
  5. When walking on sidewalks, always walk facing traffic to avoid possible encounters from vehicles behind.
  6. If you think you are being followed, switch directions. Duck into a public place and ask for assistance.
  7. Change your walking routine by planning different routes, etc. Don’t be predictable.
  8. Always have your keys in hand when approaching your car or home. Don’t fumble through your pockets, bags, etc.
  9. If you carry a wallet, keep it in the front pocket. If it is in a purse, keep purse in front of you.
  10. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash.
  11. Use ATMs and credit card readers wisely. Have your card ready before approaching the machine, and use ATMs in high traffic areas. Test them for skimming devices
  12. If you carry a purse, wear the straps across your body instead of around your arms or shoulders.
  13. When you are going to a shopping mall lock all valuables in the trunk of your vehicle prior to arriving at the mall. When at the mall, do not take packages to your car and then return to the store. Packages should be secured in the vehicle trunk only before leaving to go home or to another shopping center
  14. Never leave your children unattended when you take them shopping with you or at any other place during your holiday.
  15. Don’t electronically unlock your vehicle until you are within a close distance of your car door. And only unlock the driver’s door, unless others are riding with you
  16. If you are alone and ready to leave the mall and feel uneasy about entering the parking lot or garage by yourself, stay in the mall and ask for a security escort.
  17. If you go shopping, consider taking a friend or relative with you. There’s safety in numbers
  18. Consider having a chemical agent or loud audible alarm in your possession.
  19. Have emergency contacts programmed into your phone.
  20. Let someone you trust know your whereabouts. Use your technology features on your devices like location sharing and alert sending.
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