How To Pack For Your Weekend Camping

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Everyone loves going on holiday. Some love the great outdoors and prefer to go camping, while others prefer the luxuries of a great bed and breakfast, guesthouse, hotel, etc. With every trip, there are three stages: the planning stage, the actual trip and lastly the memories of a great holiday. One thing about every trip though is the packing part. What to eat? What to wear? What activities are we going to do, etc? If you do it correctly, packing for a camping trip should not be a stressful time at all.

In general, your packing plans should revolve around 3 categories: Food, Shelter, and Clothing. If you are a seasoned camper, your shelter is taken care of and you have likely had plenty of practice planning meals, stocking your larder and fridge. All your clothes will be packed and ready to go.

However, if you are completely new to camping, there are a few things to remember.

  • Keep it simple: Camping is all about getting “back to the basics.” If your trip involves just a night or two away from home, just pack what you know you will really need. Part of the fun is finding new, simple ways to do things. If you forgot to pack something, do not fret about it. It is only for a couple of nights, and if you seriously cannot get on without it, you can always pop in at the shop.
  • Don’t over-plan your meals: Plan for simple, one-dish meals and “foil dinners” that you can even make in advance of the trip. No one is expecting freshly baked bread and 5-star hotel menu on the trip. Dish out those hot dogs and stick bread and watch the kids have fun.
  • Be ruthless: Camping is not about walking around in a tuxedo. It is about getting out of the rat-race of life and enjoy a fabulous holiday out in nature. Do not overpack when it comes to clothes. The rule is to keep dry and warm. However, you also do not want to have everyone walking around in week-old clothes that smell and looks like it comes from the garbage bag. Pack enough clothes for the climate you will be in as well as the activities you will do. Other than that, there is always laundromats in most camping resorts.
  • Get a list: This is your game plan to keep stress away. A good camping packing list is priceless. As you gain experience, you’ll customize your list to fit your family. You can download our great Camping & Holiday Checklist for free.

5 Quick Packing Tips

  1. Make a list of the items you will need for your trip and check their condition well in advance.
  2. Start your packing at least two weeks before your trip. Last minute packing causes stress.
  3. Check the 10-day weather forecast for the area you are planning to go to. Be prepared for the weather with a few off-season clothes and rain jackets.
  4. Pack your vehicle with the idea of “last in, first out.” Put the things you’ll need first in last so they are accessible.
  5. Maximize your space! Provide more room for passengers and keep the dirty gear outside the vehicle by using cargo carriers

10 Most Forgotten Items

  1. Locks (for the trailer and whatever else you want to keep locked up)
  2. A cell phone car charger
  3. Glasses and sunglasses
  4. Trash bags
  5. A plastic canvas sheet
  6. A working torch (extra  batteries)
  7. Matches or fire lighter
  8. Paper goods like toilet paper, towels and handy wipes
  9. Hand sanitizer
  10. A toothbrush

So, start stress-free planning, get packing and start camping!


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