Inbound Marketing is time consuming; it is a long-term strategy which requires commitment, dedication, and perseverance. If you are planning on hiring an Inbound Marketing Agency, I would suggest you consider the following 5 characteristics in your evaluations.

  • The Right Service

It is important to be clear about the type of service you need. As a norm, Inbound Marketing does entail website analysis and an SEO audit of your website. A poorly designed website which is not attracting visitors to your website will hinder any marketing effort you are endeavoring to run. With poorly designed, I do not only imply the content of your website, but also the User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI).

If your website is still relatively new, a normal SEO should suffice. However, if you think your website is in need of a redesign, it might be wise to consider hiring a Growth Driven Design Agency which offers Website Redesign and Inbound Marketing and/or Sales Retainers.

Should you not have the need of a website redesign, but just marketing, consider that the agency you are hiring need to be a firm with traffic generation services like blogging and content creation, search engine optimization and link building, and social media campaign creation. This is part of the normal Inbound Methodology. Be certain the agency you hire has the capabilities you need to meet your marketing goals.

  • Clear Process

In hiring an agency you have to consider not only their content creation capabilities and social media marketing management, but also importantly how they put the inbound pieces together into a comprehensive strategy. Inbound marketing agencies should be able to precisely layout and define the inbound methodology for prospective customers.

If they are able to clearly explain to you the order of the Inbound strategy and the amount of time and resources required at each step, it will be a clear indication that the agency has delivered ROI to clients before.

  • Measurement Emphasis

A vital consideration in your hiring process of an Inbound Agency is how frequently and clearly they report back to you regarding progress made toward your goals. One important aspect of the Inbound methodology is the continues analysis of everything being done in the strategy. Everything is analyzed to see what is working or not and how to implement new solutions and improve efforts as efficiently as possible.

This feedback is vital for you as the client in order to determine whether your money is spent to your utmost advantage. It will also show where and how your money is spent. You should receive a feedback at a minimum of a weekly basis. You have goals and are trying to meet those goals by hiring the agency. Therefore, it should be as focused as you are on charting success in an undeniable, data-driven way.

  • Strong Management

Inbound marketing is fueled by the creation of exceptional content directed at your ideal customer. A good inbound marketing agency will build that content and learn about that dream lead through research and analysis. This research will then be used to build 3-5 buyer personas around which content will be created.

A question you should also ask is whether the agency you are considering to hire, have the process and communication skills to make you think they will make reasonable and realistic requests of other folks on your team? Additionally, have they set clear expectations around what each inbound component will require in terms of time and resources?

Do you get the impression that they can manage campaigns with lots of moving parts? A good agency will make your life easier; not the opposite.

  • Inbound Optimized Website

A final point to consider is whether the agency blog regularly? What is its own social media presence like? Are there optimized landing pages and premium content offers throughout its site? An effective inbound marketing agency should be its own best case study.

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  1. In the past websites have often played second fiddle to blogs and landing pages in the world of inbound marketing, but with the switch in focus to pillar content, it’s absolutely essential that the main site is responsive and has an easy to use content management system to facilitate the regular updates of the pages.

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