Social Media is a key component of Inbound Marketing because it can help you get your content in front of the right people at the right time and spread the word about your business. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube can help increase the number of people who view your content and visit your website. It is important for you to engage your readers by sharing exceptional content that is relevant and adds value. The key to retaining your audience is to be consistent in publishing exceptional content on the social media platforms you are using. Currently, 88% companies use social media as a crucial part of their digital communications strategies.

Remember, an essential component of social media is exceptional content because that is what helps to attract visitors. You can promote your content on your social media platforms to attract new visitors to your website, and to generate new leads. Once these new customers are members of your online community, you can engage with them and share delightful content with them that will turn them into life-long ambassadors for your brand and company.

In the inbound methodology, social media can be used in every stage of the buyer’s funnel. You can use it to attract visitors by sharing exceptional content, convert new visitors into new leads by offering opportunities for visitors to subscribe and receive updates on promotions or news, close deals by acting on insights gathered through social monitoring and provide value to prospects online and finally delight customers by being a warm personality and create unique ways to interact with audience members.

In sharing your exceptional content on social media, there are 4 best practices you must follow.

1. Set SMART Goals.

When setting goals for social media, start by asking yourself: “What would I like to achieve through social media?” You may want to increase traffic to your blog or increase the number of subscribers to your newsletter. Be sure that your goal can help you push your social media efforts forward.

2. Create Exceptional Social  Media Content

Content is a vital component of inbound marketing, which makes it a fundamental component of social media marketing. A social media content plan outlines the pieces of content you will promote and the social media channels you will promote them on. An exceptional content plan takes into consideration more than the promoted pieces of content and the platforms that will be used. It also endeavors to make a permanent impression on audience members to keep them engaged.

3. Optimize Often

There are four key ways to use optimization to achieve the best results. They are Platform, Message, Visuals, and Results. Each social media network was created in order to deliver a different type of social experience for audience members. This means each social media channel should be treated differently. When you optimize content for a social media platform, you must consider how a user is going to engage with your content on that platform. Will they use it to read, watch or just download and save to read later. Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images, therefore using visuals to capture the attention of audience members on social media has become increasingly important. Optimize for Results which means you will have to revisit the SMART goals you have set earlier to ensure your content promotion strategy is tailored to help you achieve that goal.

4. Tie Your Social Media Efforts Back To Return On ROI (Return On Investment)

This is where you get to see how your efforts on social media have paid off. Important social media metrics which can help you calculate the value of your efforts on social media are Reach, Engagement, and Audience Growth. Reach is used to measure the size of your potential audience. Engagement measures the number of interactions with your brand. Audience growth relates to the number of new audience members you attract.



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